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Body Contouring

Lymphatic Drainage

Treatments Therapy


The Clinic has a proven record of treatments that have visible results. Before and after photos of others will help the new patient see results they too can achieve. This technique gently rolls a fold of skin up into the hand held head.

The head is motorized and guided by the technician over the entire body which feels wonderful. The client wears a special body suit that allows the treatment head to roll over the skin without pinching. Also to understand fully what the treatments involve and why they are necessary please review the pictures ON THE LINK PROVIDED  What is cellulite

This treatment series can be added to our nutritional weight management program & supplements, CONTACT US

Pictures of before and after the 20th Session and the client follow the in home regimen:

These represent the before treatment 1 and after treatment 36 with our continuous program of (1 per week) lymphatic drainage treatments, weight management suggestions and nutrition supplementation, AN Added Plus, is our Aging Younger high pH alkaline water and moderate daily  exercise.

“Beauty is Timeless” AND–results may vary


Below is Lymphatic drainage for the face

when receiving a Non-Surgical Face Lift




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