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 Non surgical face lift

1. The first step is the client’s face is prepared for a treatment. 
This is a process that utilizes deep cleaning methods of the skin,
without pain utilizing steam and fruit acids; then microdermabrasion :


The constant stimulation of the cell renewal process of the skin is a pain free massage treatment that aids in  removing the excess dead skin cells in a safe manner, at the surface of the skin.

Microdermabrasion works with a vacuum technique, without side effects of medication, from the breast, neck area to face, that improve health of the skin and does not damage the skin, like laser treatment sometimes can.  Spa treatment does not provide a complete body treatment, as with our added professional grade products without drug intervention. Professional grade micro-crystals are guided over the outer skin layer, which is the best facial and fitness for the face. These crystals abrade smoothly layer per layer, according to skin type and problem; it provides an exercise for the
facial tissue.

Depending on the skin sensitivity, will determine the type of fruit acid cleansing will be utilized and applied like a massage, safe, without side effects;  then a Microdermabrasion treatment is without medication and the treatment starts from the breast and neck area up to the forehead; improving the health of the skin and much safer than a laser and more effective from our research and application.

Microdermabrasion in our clinic, is much more thorough than you might get in a spa, it gently abrades the skin of the body starting with breast and neck area then face with professional grade crystals that are simultaneously vacuum removed all the way to the forehead. This procedure has been shown to stimulate the fibroblast cells that help produce new collagen where treatment is applied, as well as removing dead skin cells and without drugs or pain. 

2.  Lymphatic Drainage:  The breast and neck area (decollate) area
supports part of the adrenal system, which must be stimulated first before reaching the facial area with a vacuumed technique. This type of treatment is 
an intermittent  vacuum technique  that serves a dual purpose, the positive pressure from the rollers combined with the negative pressure from the suction causes sub-lethal damage to the subcutaneous cells. It is fitness for the face due to the skin workout from the vacuum that is the same as exercise for the skin.  When these damaged cells begin to heal, they rebuild in such a way that results in an improved skin tone that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This lymphatic drainage treatment for the face provides a natural face workout that stimulates the connective tissue improving its health and strengthens the skin, without pain that stimulates new cell growth. The treatment starts at the breast and neck areas first, then moving upward until all areas from forehead to chest have been effectively treated.  Once treated, this technique has been shown to help firm and tone the face.



This type of skin treatment is pain free and is a massage, that is safe and has no side effects from medication, and is an inter-mittent vacuum technique that serves a dual purpose, from breast and neck area to the forehead, the positive pressure from the rollers combined with the negative pressure from the suction is believed to cause sub-lethal damage to the subcutaneous skin cells and as these damaged cells heal, they rebuild in such a way that results in an improved collagen and elastins, enhancing the health and tone, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles; in our opinion, better than laser or any spa treatment. The body treatment will not require a drug, best facial you will have ever had. The lymphatic drainage facial is fitness and exercise for the face that provides a natural face workout that stimulates the con-nective tissue and strengthens the skin. Improving skin includes supplements and skincare products

This is by for the best treatment you may ever receive, that starts at the breast and neck first, then moving upward until all areas from forehead to chest have been effectively treated. Once treated, this technique helps to repair tissue below the treated areas as well as firm and tone the face.

3. The client is then prepared for and will purchase home supplements and home skincare products that are essential for good results for the skin. You get the best buy for the products when you buy the non-surgical face package of 10 weekly treatments. 

The 24-hour professional grade skincare program is the final step, selected to meet the client’s needs that will help to firm the skin and enhance the epidermis which promotes a more youthful and healthier look.


[disclaimer] “These statements have not been evaluated by FDA.  Treatments or products are
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”